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When researching a domain name for a new vertical i am entering, I like to use Adwords to check the local search volume for the main keywords. I prefer to select a term that is a main keyword in the market this will give the SEO an automatic boost.

When you’re inputting they keywords into Adwords there are a number of different options you can use:

Broad Match: This is the most primitive form of keyword input.Example :

online playstation games

But since it’s a broad match it would also trigger for the following phrases:

playstation games onlinegames online playstationplaystation online games

The problem with this is that often when the words in a particular phrase a rearranged they can become untargeted & mean something completely different to what someone is actually searching for. Thus reducing your CTR & potentially losing you money in clicks.

Phrase Match: Phrase Match is a much more targeted way to pinpoint exact phrases that someone might use to search for a particular product.Example:

“playstation games online”

Would also trigger for the following phrases:

buy playstation games onlineorder playstation games onlinepurchase playstation games online

Exact Match: This is the most targeted type of match. With this match you can target the exact keywords you want to trigger your ads.Example:

[buy playstation 3 in texas][buy playstation 3 memory card online]

So now you have know how all the matching type work, I use phrase match for my new domains. I also only register .com or .org. Personally, I haven't seen a .co or .biz at the top of the rankings often if ever.

In the next article I will show you how to check the saturation and difficulty of entering the market for your keywords.


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