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While working on my projects last night, i came across an interstitial advertiser. Curious, I setup an account and for $1.00 i would receive 1k interstitial visits to my website.  i purchased 2k "global" vists and 2k "US" visits for a total of $10.

This morning i checked my stats.  I've received 2500 visits 2k of them were from the "global" the rest were from the US (I still have 1.5k outstanding) From the visits I received Facebook fans and Adsense clicks. I recouped (so far) about 40% of the cost of the project thru ads on the site.

I will report the quality of the outstanding traffic at the end of the day. As we all know traffic isn’t worth anything unless it converts to a specific goal.

The company mentioned is http://ow.ly/6jRvk 

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